Connect Dot Management

Connect Dot Management Inc. is a full-service event management company that provides clients with logistics, contract negotiation, sponsorship, vendor management, keynote speaker coordination, budgeting, public relations, committee coordination, onsite execution and graphic design. Their friendly and tech-savvy team runs events from coast-to-coast.

Holly Doty, President and CEO of Connect Dot Management Inc., has a wealth of experience not only in event planning but also in strategic planning & sponsorship. Her strong leadership skills and unwavering dedication to her clients sets Connect Dot apart from other event management companies.

Fundamentally, Connect Dot Management Inc. is designed to act as an extension of your business and provide you with a wide-range of planning and execution experience as well as a wide variety of contacts to ensure that each event is successful, enjoyable and cost efficient. At Connect Dot Event Management Inc., they take the time to build strong relationships with their clients and stakeholders in order to familiarize themselves with their unique brand and company. This allows Connect Dot to pull off memorable, results-oriented events, while saving the client time, money and stress.

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Mentor Works Ltd.Mentor Works Ltd. helps companies get government funding. They work directly with Canadian businesses to help build and execute on their custom developed Proactive Funding Plan™. This approach helps you grow your business and increase your cash flow by creating a proactive plan for government funding.

By building a Proactive Funding Plan™ that’s based on your business’ to strategic priorities, Mentor Works will maximize your cash flow planning to help fund your business expansion efforts, new technology/equipment, hiring, training, and research & development activities. Mentor Works’ turnkey approach includes matching funding with each client’s unique priorities, while streamlining the application process and keeping clients up-to-date on all funding news and announcements so they never miss out on a funding opportunity.

Mentor Works offers also offers free educational resources for businesses, including Downloadable Funding Resources, Funding Webinars & Workshops, a Daily Funding Blog, a Weekly Funding Newsletter, and a List of Top Funding Programs.

Connect with Mentor Works today at 1-888-599-3111 or their Contact Form to learn more about your funding options.